Viktoria Schools is striving to act as a role model to respond to the country's challenges.

Mission Statement

  • At Viktoria English Medium School, we are committed to provide the best education to all children, also to most vulnerable ones.
  • We believe curious, open-minded and responsible people will contribute to a just and peaceful society.

Goal / Objectives

We are striving to create a friendly and positive learning environment, in which each child is treated as an individual with own need, responsibilities and rights.

School Motto

At Viktoria Schools, we know that a good education is of immeasurable value. That is why we strive to provide all children an exciting time at school. According to our motto "Ever seeking knowledge" we want to motivate children to learn by their own free will throughout their lives. This is how our pupils will be successful in their professional and private lives. Our school teaches communication skills as well as creative thinking. With these resources, every child can reach their full academic potential.


More than ever, our society is undergoing changes. It demands new perspectives and increased performance from the individual. At Viktoria Schools, every child should receive an outstanding education. Therefore, we strive to create a friendly and positive learning environment where each child is treated as an individual with his or her own needs, responsibilities and rights. This requires common goals and values. The interaction in Viktoria Schools is characterized by positive discipline. We reject physical punishment as a consequence after misbehavior. Our guidelines correspond to a balance between the preservation of traditional Tanzanian values and necessary renewal. We believe that curious, open-minded and responsible people will contribute to a just and peaceful society. Viktoria Schools is striving to act as a role model to respond to the country`s challenges.


We attach great importance to a good cooperation between the parents and the school. It is also important to us to create an open communication between the management team, the staff and the surrounding community for a positive working atmosphere.  Through a good cooperation we can provide the best possible education for your child.



Total Pupils: 506
Girls: 249
Boys: 257
Total staff member: 50
Teachers: 24
Not teaching staff: 26



Founders and Directors of Viktoria Schools

  • Switbert Rutinwa Tibandekile
  • Johanna Sele-Rutinwa

How it started

The founders and directors of Viktoria Schools, Mr. and Mrs. Rutinwa are very concerned to constantly work on the quality of the school and on positive interaction with the children.

In September 2010 the couple had the opportunity to buy an already existing English Medium Primary School. They believe that educating children is a direct contribution for the future of this country. The children themselves will contribute to their community by being better educated. With this in mind, and with their professional experiences as teachers and social workers, Mr. and Mrs. Rutinwa decided to buy the school in October 2010. Since 2016, Viktoria School has been a project of the NGO (non-governmental organization) “Viktoria Development Movers and Education Support Organization”.

Staff Members

Our employees and managers are our most important resource. Together, they are responsible for performance and the achievement of goals. They represent the values and transfer them. The relationship between pupils and our employees is cherished and characterized by mutual respect. Good working conditions and continuous training of our employees is important to us.


Media Room

In our media room one can find many materials for lesson planning. Teachers regularly have the opportunity to make their lessons exciting with these materials and thus arouse interest in the pupils. During the lessons the teachers work with interesting models, read texts, show educational films and much more. This is to create varied lessons to increase the pupil’s interest.

Computer Lab

The Computer Lab at Viktoria Schools is well equipped with modern computers connected to internet. It has 45 desktop computers with headphones, 20 laptops and two projectors.


The aim of the library at Viktoria School is to provide a supportive and welcoming environment for pupils to enjoy reading and studying. It strives to inspire interest in reading for both academic and extracurricular purposes. Pupils will find storybooks, picture books, novels, as well as, science and academic books, journals and dictionaries. Every child at Viktoria Schools has access to our library.


It has been proven that children's ability to concentrate declines after some time of learning. Then it is time for a break to get some fresh air, to move around and to be able to start the lessons again concentrated and on time. On our break areas the pupils can let off steam as they please. They play football, jump rope or play on our large and well-equipped playground. Or they sit down for a while relaxing in the shade and enjoying our garden with its lovely flowers.


At Viktoria Schools, we place great emphasis on creating an environment where pupils feel comfortable. Our beautiful garden is decorated with colorful flowers to create a happy and positive atmosphere. We offer the pupils a lot of space for reading, writing and learning in order to give them the best possible education. Whether outside under the „Kibanda“ (open classroom), in the spacious dining hall or in the friendly classrooms, the pupils are motivated to learn and acquire new knowledge.


Kindergarten with Montessori Pedagogic

Personal attention, respect, caring interaction and clear goals allow each child the best possible start in their education-journey. In our kindergarten, every child has the chance to develop and quench their thirst for knowledge. True to Maria Montessori’s motto "Help me to do it myself", our two kindergarten classes are run according to the educational Montessori concept. The pupils have the opportunity to discover for themselves with all their senses and to learn from what they have discovered. Everything revolves around experiencing the learning content with body and mind. Our kindergartens are equipped with many different learning materials with which every child can optimally prepare for the start of the first Class.

School Program

At Viktoria Schools we provide our pupils with an outstanding education. Our language of instruction is English and we follow the Tanzanian National Curriculum. Accordingly, we prepare all pupils in the best possible way for the following years in Secondary School. Moreover, we are equally strong in preparing the children for their future lives. At our school the pupils should always think critically and stand up for themselves and their own opinions. It is our duty to educate the children to become self-confident and reflective young people. Furthermore, it is of great concern to us to put into practice what we have learned and to show the pupils how they need school in their everyday life. At our school we teach life skills, as well as, social skills. We are convinced that these skills are the key to a successful life.

Special Courses

Sport, Art and Games

Every Friday afternoon we conduct "Sport, Art and Games". All pupils are divided into small groups and then devote the whole afternoon to a topic together with selected teachers. Our offer is large and very versatile. The pupils can paint, dance, make music, do yoga, explore nature, drum and much more. So, we end our school week with educational extra-curricular lessons.

Environmental Day

We care a lot about a holistic education of the pupils at our school. This includes the awareness of nature and the environment, which we want to convey to all our pupils. Therefore, once a month we dedicate two lessons to the maintenance and care of our school grounds. First the pupils get a theoretical input. After that they all help in the garden. Trees have already been planted and flowers sown. Picking up trash and cleaning the classrooms are also part of the lessons. In this way, the children learn to treat nature and the environment with respect and sustainability. As a reward, we eat pilau with meat and fruits for lunch after the work is done. In this way, every child is very happy.

Self-defencedefense and "Peace is a Decision" (PiaD)

A special "Life Skills" program for equality, respect and thus also for better learning conditions


In this weekly program, we teach our girls to go through life with confidence, to protect and value themselves and to talk about the importance of setting goals. We show them how to defend themselves both physically and verbally. The program builds group cohesion among the girls and it strengthens each girl for her daily life and for the future.


While the girls practice self-defense, we show the boys how to resolve conflicts peacefully, we talk with them about the importance of treating girls and women in particular with respect, what it means to set goals, etc.  It is important for us to contribute to a more peaceful society and less domestic violence. At the same time, it has been proven that peaceful interaction contributes to a better learning atmosphere.

Class teachers hour

Time for discussion between children and teacher in the classroom. Gives students and teachers ample time to discuss various topics related to children's social well-being in the classroom as well as academic development.



Every morning, four big school buses and one school van set out to pick up the pupils from home and bring them to school. When school is over, the pupils are again brought home safely by our trusted bus drivers.

Food and Nutrition

At 10 am we enjoy a delicious porridge prepared by our three cooks. For lunch, we have a different nutritious meal every day. For example, once a week we serve rice with beans and watermelon.

What is special about Viktoria School is that we have excellent and safe drinking water. We provide the pupils with sufficient drinking water, which they have access to at all times.

Health Check-Up

Every year we visit the St. Claire Hospital in our area with all our pupils. There, all children whose parents’ consent are medically examined. Afterwards, a report with the findings is given to the parents. This information is treated with the utmost confidentiality and is immediately passed on to the parents. Thanks to these examinations, it has been possible to detect many visual impairments and other diseases in children. We strongly believe that the first foundation for good school performance is a healthy and fit body. As we all know, health is the most important thing.


As a school, we motivate our pupils and reward them for their good performance. Of course, we do this in an educational way. For example, we organize annual trips to the Serengeti, Bujora Museum or other interesting destinations. The trips are prepared and followed up with the pupils. They are encouraged to get to the bottom of their own questions. These trips are always great occasions for all the pupils and also for the teachers. At the same time, the exciting environment and relaxed atmosphere helps strengthen the bond between the pupils and the teachers.


Every year in September we celebrate our graduation. Our large hall is beautifully decorated and we invite families and friends. There are speeches, shows and lots of entertainment. We enjoy a wonderful lunch together, as well as, a lovely cake and lemonade. This is how we say goodbye as a whole school to our Class VII pupils and let them move on to secondary schools.

Boarding School

Boarding school life gives pupils the opportunity to experience different backgrounds and cultures from the pupils around them. It provides the opportunity to develop life skills and create lasting friendships.  Our boarding school is a place where pupils feel safe and comfortable and where they can support each other through their studies. It provides pupils with the support they need for daily life in and out of school and to prepare them for the future.


motivated Teachers - happy Students


We receive new pupils from Pre-Primary to Class VII

Test and Interview

For Pre -Primary Classes no interviews are conducted.

For Class I and II, three subjects are conducted for the interview. They get tested in English, Kiswahili Reading and Arithmetic.

From Class III up to Class VII all subjects are conducted for the interview.

Required Documents

You are asked to provide the following documents of your child:

  • Birth certificate
  • 1 passport picture
  • Transfer form

Account Number

All fees are in Tanzanian Shillings

Viktoria English Medium School
Account: 0150016789400